Local SEO Expert

The Magic Formula

Our team began working with Shawn & Shawn Moving in 2015 as their Local SEO Expert. They had just purchased their first 3 trucks, and had about 6 movers on staff at the time. There business was off the ground, but needed branding, an online presence including a website, and most importantly they were looking to GROW.

Local SEO Expert: Step 1

Meet & Greet

As with all of our clients, we start with either a face to face meeting, or phone call to go over the immediate needs of the business, explain important details about your website, search engine optimization, and branding.

This was no different as with Shawn & Shawn, as we discussed the services they specialize in, as well as which of those services were their profit leaders. We also identified their target market which was Largo, Seminole, Clearwater, and the surrounding Gulf Beaches that run from St. Pete Beach to Clearwater Beach.

Having the first Meet & Greet allowed both parties to express the responsibilities for each, goals, and begin building a plan towards the common goal of bringing more leads to Shawn & Shawn Moving.

Local SEO Expert: Step 2

Branding & Exposure

First, we guided Shawn & Shawn Moving on updating their logo, which hadn’t been properly created when they first began their company. Our graphic design team was able to provide multiple options for Shawn & Shawn to choose from, honing in on a color palate that best fit them, and providing them with the correct files for easy access when printing merchandise, sponsoring events, etc.

We then worked closely with our local printing partner, We Print Shirts on getting properly branded shirts, hats, business cards, banners, and misc. items for the team. For any business, new or old, it is very important to stand out when out on the road, and Shawn & Shawn Moving does it the best with countless people reporting back to our team that they saw the truck in their neighborhood this week, or saw the guy’s filling up at the local Wawa, or even helping change a tire on a car that was broken down near one of their moving jobs.

Local SEO Expert: Step 3

Online Presence

Immediately, we were able to secure the domain name shawnandshawnmoving.com for them, as they hadn’t fully taken steps in getting a branded website ready before. We tell them to focus on their moving service, while we focus on their online presence.

From there, we were able to research their target market, servicing they were specializing in, as well as their local competition.

Our team of local SEO experts then went to work on formulating a plan to not only create an amazing looking, and functional website, but tackle building out service pages targeted directly at Shawn & Shawn Moving’s prime market.

On average we quote our clients 60-90 days before being seen on the first page of Google, as their are a lot of factors that come into Search Engine Optimization. We were happy to have a meeting with Shawn & Shawn only 25 days later, and after a lot of hard work, we presented them with being ranked as the top, first term for Largo Moving Company, Largo Movers, and Pinellas County Movers.

Local SEO Expert: Step 4

Day In And Day Out

Our team works very hard to provide our clients with amazing looking websites, that rank at the top of Google. We are constantly reviewing each clients website, updating all plugins, checking for broken links, and hosting those websites on our own private servers, that are backed up 24 hours a day.

Each month, our team is building, adjusting, and keeping a close eye on all Google trends, as Search Engine Optimization is a constantly evolving market.

Let our team build you a highly functioning website, that ranks at the top of Google, allowing your company to have constant leads flowing in, while you focus on what you do best!

* Shawn & Shawn Moving has now grown to over 10+ trucks, 25 movers, and has been seeing over 30% growth each year, while remaining as the top result in their targeted search terms. *

À La Carte Services

  • Website Hosting & Plugin Updating $200 / month

  • Search Engine Optimization $800 /month

  • Custom Website Design $2,500

  • Website Changes & Edits $30 / hour

  • Social Media Marketing $300+ /month

Top Value Pack

  • With The 727 Co.’s Top Value Pack, you get all of our website services, including a complimentary Custom Website Design, monthly search engine optimization, social media management, as well as monthly reports to see where your clients are coming from and what they are clicking on, and constant communication with our team assuring your company’s marketing goals are set and being taken care of.

  • When you signup for a Top Value Pack, our graphic design team will work with you to create or edit your current logo, and provide you with a Branding File Pack so that your printing needs can be easily handled by our printing partner, We Print Shirts.